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The Wadden Sea is the largest contiguous mudflat landscape in the world. With its seabed that dries twice a day, tidal creeks, sandbanks, dunes and salt marshes, it provides a habitat for 10,000 animal and plant species and ten million migratory birds every year. But even though it is a World Heritage Site and National Park, the Wadden Sea is facing the modern challenges of our time. Tourism, shipping and industry have a significant impact on the Wadden Sea. The naively romantic idea of screeching seagulls, miles of mudflats stretching to the horizon and untouched nature quickly gives way to reality on site. Gray concrete desert instead of dune landscape. Sealed. Built up. Disfigured? It is unmanageable that here, as so often, nature has been exploited for human and industrial purposes. Of course economically advantageous for local industries and residents, but quite questionable and critical for the health of this extraordinary ecosystem.


The book on this topic was part of my bachelor thesis. The book was printed at the Reset Druckerei in Hamburg and is only available in an edition of 5 books so far. The book has an open thread stitching and 120 gram strong Munken Polar Rough paper. The book has a nice feel and is 25 x 31 centimeters. 


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